Is your bedroom running short of space to get a wardrobe of your choice?

Let your imagination run wild with our exclusive wardrobe designs suitable for even the smallest of all bedrooms.

At Supreme, we aim at creating innovative wardrobe designs that not only exemplify a great space management, instead display the best of styles and looks to make you feel complete and comfortable inside your bedroom.

Installing a wardrobe means proper use of space for storage without making the room congested. Especially when the rooms are smaller, making a smart choice of wardrobe type is crucial to get your needs fulfilled in the best possible way. Hinge door wardrobe is the best choice providing a variety of storage options to accessorize with like long and short hangings, tie racks, shoe racks, trouser rails, draws, shelves, and more.

Why you should go for a Hinge Door Wardrobe?

  • Suitable to fit smaller area: Even if the bedroom size is small, hinge door wardrobes can fit easily and comfortably utilizing the least possible space.
  • Easy to access: As the doors open completely, it gets easier to access all the items inside the closet at a time.
  • Fit for angled ceiling and stairs: Space under the stairs and angled ceiling which usually gets wasted can be a beautiful storage option with hinge door wardrobes. Small cabinets can be fitted along with accessories to provide ultimate storage solution.
  • Make use of corner: Beautifully crafted closet with hinge doors can be fitted in the corners which go along with the interior of your bedroom and kids room to give you maximum space in a stylish way.
  • Designer handles to match your style: Choice of handles add style to the looks of your wardrobe. There are multiple designs and patterns to suit your specific taste.
  • Less expensive: Hinge door wardrobes are less expensive compared to other types, still providing a variety of style patterns.

If you feel hinge door wardrobes can meet your requirements, we will do it creatively. Call us for a site visit NOW!